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Postage Stamps at Discount Prices

We sell Royal Mail stamps in bulk at discount prices.

Royal Mail announce new price rise

Stamp prices will be going up from 30th March 2015, by buying 1st or 2nd class stamps at our discounted prices, you can also beat the price rise. Stocks will sell quickly so get yours now.

The Big pack of stamps

Our biggest pack of mixed value stamps with a total face value of £100 (that’s a lot of stamps!)

Special introductory price of £85 including postage. Email us for details or your order.


Lowest Prices on the Internet

We check prices regularly and believe we sell the cheapest stamps available on the internet. If you find a cheaper standard offer for a similar product then let us know and we will try and match it.

Biggest Selection of Stamps on the Internet

We sell 1st class, 2nd class, large letter 1st and 2nd, in packs of 100, all other values in packs of 100 or smaller quantities for higher values. Also packs of mixed values worth £25 or £50, all at substantial discounts to the face price.

That’s more choice than at any other retail site, even the Post Office!

How to Order

Click the ’stamps for postage’ tab for our most common prices and add your choice to your basket, or click the link below to download our complete price list. If you still can’t find what you want then contact us for a quote.

Price List May 2014 Word

Price List May 2014 PDF

No Charge for Postage

We usually make no charge for postage when you pay by cheque, bank transfer or cash. We make a small charge for payment by Paypal.

Why use Stamps?

People like to receive letters with attractive stamps on them and they will take more notice of your letter. Try a comparison and you will see you get more response from stamps than franked mail.

Unlike Post Office labels, there is no time limit on stamps and you don’t have to visit the Post Office or have an online account.

You can use combinations of stamps to make up any value required to post a letter.

Many charities get income from collecting used stamps in shops and selling them to dealers.

Our prices make sending your letters cheaper than ever!

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