How can I pay for the stamps I want to order?

A – You can pay by Paypal which will go through immediately and a small charge for P&P will be added. You can also pay by cheque/postal order/cash and by bank transfer in which case we normally do not charge for postage. If you wish to pay this way then email your order with your preferred method of payment and we will confirm the total and details of how you make the payment.

How much is 1st and 2nd class post?

A – As of April 2020 1st class post costs 76p and 2nd class post costs 65p. Larger and heavier letters cost more, prices are available at Royal Mail.

Do stamps go out of date?

A – Any stamps issued by the Post Office since decimalisation in 1971 are still current and can be used on postage. Combinations of stamps can be used to make up a required value, e.g. 30p + 35p for 2nd class post.

Are all of your stamps current?

A – We buy accumulations of stamps and sort them into quantities that can be sold, so they may date from 1971 onwards but the gummed stamps are all valid for usage.

Do you sell picture stamps?

A – We supply definitive stamps (the small one’s with the Queen’s profile) or commemorative stamps (the larger stamps with a picture on). If you have a preference then let us know when you make your order and we will try and accommodate you.