Bah humbug: Royal Mail may not deliver for four days over Christmas

The UK’s national postal service has asked for permission to skip deliveries on Saturday December 26 because it says so little post and mail is still in the system after the pre-Christmas rush.

Ofcom, which regulates the country’s postal service, has said that it is likely to agree to the change, which will become permanent for all future days when Boxing Day falls on a Saturday.

The news will mean that any Christmas presents ordered late over the internet and not delivered by December 24th will not be delivered until Tuesday December 29th.

This is because Royal Mail – which was privatised by the Government last year – is also not delivering on Monday December 28, which is designated a Bank Holiday.

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Stuart RivettOctober 6th, 2015 at 3:15 am

“This may only be one extra day, but for what will actually be a total of four consecutive days without service, this is just another example of how Royal Mail could be losing focus of what their customers really want and expect.”

“We often see a majority of small online retailers who are reliant on Royal Mail services to deliver their sales and they have the right to question these types of decisions. The peak period is a vital time for all online retailers, preparation and planning are a must for everyone to ensure customer service levels are met.”

“It will be interesting to see how Royal Mail will communicate this news to their customers. It will then be down to the individual retailers on how they will overcome any potential issues from this. Anyone sending presents or time sensitive mail should think about proactively alerting consumers to cut-off dates for Royal Mail deliveries, as well as collection disruptions from missed deliveries and should also explore alternative delivery solutions if necessary.”

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