Royal Mail announce stamp prices will go up in 2008

2008 Price Increase

Royal Mail have announce that their prices will be going up again in early 2008. You can beat the price increase by stocking up NVI stamps (that show 1st or 2nd rather than 24p or 34p) which will still be valid after the price increase.

We sell stamps at a significant discount to the face value making it an even better deal. Look at our price and order today.

Tariff 2008

Pricing Changes


On Monday 7th April 2008 our new prices will come into effect. If you would like to look up the new prices, just view the document below to get straight to the updated price table for that particular service.

Key changes

  • The 1st Class Letter price will increase to 36p for stamp and 34p for meter.
  • The 2nd Class Letter price will increase to 27p for stamp and 24p for meter.
  • Royal Mail Special Delivery┬« Next Day will increase by 30p to ┬ú4.60 for mail up to 100g.

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