Royal Mail announces 2018 stamp price rise

The price of a First Class stamp will increase from 65p to 67p, a 3.05% price rise. A Second Class stamp will go from 56p to 58p, a 3.57% increase.

A large letter First Class stamp meanwhile, will rise by 3p to £1.01 (a 3.06% increase). A large letter Second Class Stamp will rise by 3p to 79p (a 3.9% increase).

In monetary terms, all these increases appear small, but they’re higher than the rate of inflation. This will be of most concern to regular postal users and small businesses that rely on Royal Mail to send important documents and packages.

However, one way to get around the increase is to buy stamps before prices rise on 26 March, as they will still be valid for use even if they were purchased at the cheaper price.

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