Stamp Collecting – Not Just for Kids

Starting a stamp collection can be a rewarding and fun hobby. Not just for kids anymore, stamp collecting – or philately – has become one of the world’s oldest and most popular forms of collecting.

The advantages of stamp collecting include:

• Learning about stamps which have been issued by other countries of the world over the years
• Appreciating stamps as works of art – colourful, well-printed, and well-designed
• Understanding the purpose of the stamp – whether it is to commemorate famous people or events, flowers, railways, flags, or space and sport

Stamp Collection

Stamp collections can provide both entertainment and education. By learning about all the stamps which have been issued by the countries of the world, you can begin to understand another country’s geography and history. Stamps collection is also a practical way to learn the politics, religion, and everyday way of life in different parts of the world. Stamps also open a world of education in a country’s postal services and postal history, transport systems, and the significance of postmarks.

Want to Start Collecting?

Many stamp collectors have advice for those looking to get into the stamp collecting scene, however, the best advice to the novice is to buy the largest packet of whole-world stamps you can afford. Also, consider buying with this purchase, a medium-priced album and some ‘hinges’ to mount the stamps. By buying a large amount of stamps at first, you can then go through most of the stamps, identifying those which you don’t believe you can find in the stamp collectors catalogue for identifying purposes.

Sources of Stamps

To keep your stamp collection moving along, there are several different types of stamps and locations to pursue:

• Persuade your friends to save your stamps from those letters mailed to them from abroad
• You can buy stamps from the UK Post – several times a year, the UK Post will issue special stamps for those interested in collecting
• There are several stamp magazines where you can see and meet other collectors
• Review the online stamp collecting websites for forums and discussion on where to get the latest stamp collection tips

Stamp Collecting and Increasing Worth

Over the years, as stamps age and their rarity increase, the worth of the stamp can increase tenfold. The condition of the stamp is vitally important to its worth. Nothing detracts more from the value of a stamp than a crease, tear, or heavy postmark. Damaged stamps are generally considered useless and worthless, so be wary of your collection when adding stamps.

If you are looking to make the most of your stamp collection, have unused stamps in their original gum as issued by the post office. Also, the ideal postmark is light and clear, as heavy postmarks decrease the value of the stamp by large amounts.

If you are already realizing that there is much more to stamp collecting then first thought, you are right! Stamp collecting can be extremely rewarding if you take the time to pursue it as a serious hobby. Consider learning more about your planet and start your stamp collection today.

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