Tips for Stamp Collecting

Most of the people who are into stamp collecting start it almost instantaneously. Just imagine that you got a mail and liked the stamp on it. You kept it with you. Unknowingly, a liking for the species ‘stamps’ has developed in you. This slight liking may then germinate into a hobby over time. No matter how you started liking them, you just discovered that they just have become one of your biggest passions in the life. No one likes to skimp on his passion, neither do you. But how can you make the most of your stamp collection? How can you deliver the expert’s touch to your hobby? Well here follow the tips that may come to help you in stamp collecting:


The things that you need to have a complete stamp collection kit are:
• Stamps
• Stamp Album or a Decent Register
• Hinges
• Gums

Note carefully that never apply gum to the stamps directly to fix them onto the pages or the album; use the hinges for the purpose rather.

Where To Get The Stamps From

If you are just starting and don’t know the sources of stamps, buy a packet of about 1000 stamps to start your stamp collecting hobby.

Next there are several sources where you can collect the stamps from:
• Direct purchase from the shop.
• Collecting from the used postal envelopes.
• Exchanging with friends.
• From pen friends in foreign countries.


While stamp collecting, do not just put the stamps in the pages of the album randomly. This will be a confusing collection for you later at a time. Distribute them in the various pages of the album after proper classification.

Don’t Damage the Stamps

While removing the stamps from the envelop or letter, be careful not to get it torn or damage. This will cause a loss in value of the stamp.

Use Hinges

You should use hinges rather than using gum directly to paste the stamps. This allows you to rearrange the stamp positions in the album later and also would improve the quality of your collection. This will also make you look more professional in stamp collecting.

In Case You Want to Trade Stamps

When you decide to use the hobby of stamp collecting to earn profits, you have to bring a change in the strategy of growing the collection. For such an investment, it is better to invest on a few good quality stamps every month rather than going for several low priced stamps.

More Information on Stamps

There is an association called American Stamp Dealer’s Association 147 W 42nd Street, New York 10036. This association can be wrote to if you want to gain more information about becoming a dealer.

A good stamp collecting guide can be The Scot Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Here you can find which stamps in your collection of stamps are valuable; hence it proves to be a very useful help for the ones taking stamp collecting as a way to earn profit.

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